Tangram. Glass Tile Art Meets Play

Tangram compositions offer a unique and dynamic design experience, where the art of glass tiles rediscovers a playful dimension while maintaining maximum preciousness and harmony. The Tangram effect is achieved by starting with the Preziosi, Riace, Hi-Tech, Apollo, Brillante, Coriandoli, Riflessi L, Fluorescenti, and Trasparenze collections: each of them features glass tiles with unique colors, textures, and effects.

Tangram is based on adding lines and designs on the tiles to recreate the effect of original geometric compositions. This approach allows experimenting with geometric shapes, creating compositions that mimic the famous Chinese puzzle. Walls and floors thus transform into dynamic works of art, enriched with movement, originality, and uniqueness.

The creative use of Tangram in compositions allows for a contemporary effect of great impact. The art of glass tiles thus becomes current and light, without losing its exclusivity. The possibility of mixing and matching pieces from different collections further personalizes the design, ensuring that each Tangram composition is unique and reflects the distinctive style of the designer.

Walls, floors, and partition slabs thus offer dynamic and engaging effects, taking the concept of environmental design beyond conventional boundaries.

Technical Features

Made in these finishes: Preziosi / Riace / Hi Tech / Apollo / Brillante / Coriandoli / Riflessi L / Fluorescenti / Trasparenze

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