Glass Parquet. Wood Effect Tiles in Refined Glass

The most precious and refined glass transforms into elegant wood effect tiles. Glass Parquet by Vetrocolor is an innovative solution that combines the aesthetics of parquet with the transparency and brilliance of glass. Shaped like planks, 15 cm wide and 100 cm long, they reproduce the fascinating effects of wood grain on their surface.

The base of the tile is white, while the shades are available in light gray (silver), dark gray, or black, with various options for vein patterns. Due to these characteristics, Glass Parquet is extremely versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of settings and decor styles, making them more original and captivating.

The smooth glass surface contributes to giving the tiles an elegant and modern appearance. Glass Parquet is an original and precious contemporary reinterpretation of classic parquet: wood effect tiles in refined glass, an elegant alternative for a designer floor.

This product represents a harmonious blend of the warm and welcoming atmosphere of parquet with the modernity and luminosity of glass. Glass Parquet by Vetrocolor is ideal for those seeking a distinctive flooring solution, capable of combining the traditional charm of wood with the innovation and originality of glass.

Technical Features

planking glass wooden effect. Straight, bevelled edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Size: 15×100

Vetrocolor: Innovation in the World of Glass

Glass is an ancient material increasingly rediscovered and valued by designers for its aesthetic and technical characteristics. With Vetrocolor, it becomes the ideal raw material for architecture and interior design, allowing for innovative and impactful solutions.

Every creation by Vetrocolor is the result of authentic passion, relentless research into new effects and finishes, and meticulous attention to detail.
The large number of collections offer an infinity of color combinations, textures, and finishes, capable of adapting to every style and meeting the most diverse needs.

Choosing Vetrocolor means giving the spaces we inhabit a precious soul, made of light, harmony, and sophistication. An emotion that translates into beauty, elegance, and a sense of refined preciousness.