Caldo Vetro. Thermal Glass Panel / Heating System

Caldo Vetro by Vetrocolor represents an innovative solution for heating spaces, consisting of thermal glass panels equipped with a thermostat. Thanks to the beauty and efficiency of this system, the environment is heated discreetly, keeping the heating element hidden from view and preserving the perfect atmosphere of the bathroom or the space where it is installed.

Technically, it is a true electrically powered heating system, designed to offer warmth, comfort, and contemporary style. Caldo Vetro is available in various finishes, including Coriandoli, Trasparenze, Dune, Fluid, Hi Tech, Apollo, Preziosi, Riace, and Brillanti; thus, it can seamlessly integrate into the design of spaces.

The thermal glass panel comes with a wall support bracket and a thermostat for efficient and personalized temperature management. An optional chromed towel bar can be added, which is pleasing aesthetically and highly practical.

Caldo Vetro offers a new, elegant, and discreet way to heat spaces while maintaining the magic of environments covered by Vetrocolor tiles.

Technical Features

Sizes (cm): 60×80 / 60×160
Made in these finishes: Coriandoli, Riflessi, Trasparenze, Dune, Fluid, Hi Tech, Apollo, Preziosi, Riace, Brillante.
CALDO VETRO is supplied with support and thermostat.

Vetrocolor: A Story of Innovation and Beauty

Since 1970, Vetrocolor has been carrying forward the tradition and art of glass in Italy. Born as a small artisan workshop, the company has evolved over time to become a reference point in the glass covering industry.
The passion for glass and dedication to work are the values that have always distinguished Vetrocolor. Our master glassmakers, with skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail, transform raw materials into unique works of art, capable of giving spaces a precious and evocative soul.

Innovation and continuous research are the driving force behind Vetrocolor’s journey towards new horizons. This is evident in the expansion of the catalog to include furnishing complements that help create a harmonious bathroom or decorate a bedroom to perfection: mirrors, the Caldo Vetro heating system, basins.

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