Coriandoli. Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles with a Captivating Design

The Coriandoli collection represents one of the simplest yet most captivating options offered by Vetrocolor for glass floor tiles and wall tiles, or for interior claddings in general. Extra-clear glass, smooth surface, perfectly distributed color: in their apparent simplicity, these tiles, combined with the imagination and skill of designers, can give rise to an endless series of plays of light and color.
They are perfectly suited to environments reminiscent of the 1950s, especially when chosen in the iconic colors of the era. Alternatively, they can create spaces of great contemporaneity or futurism.

The wide experience and professionalism of Vetrocolor guarantee a handmade product of the highest quality: the wall and floor tiles of the Coriandoli collection, with their clean and contemporary appearance, are no exception.
There are many shades of colors available: warm ones like yellow and orange, cool colors like greens and blues, white, and other neutral tones.
Glass basins and heating solutions are also available in combination.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
10×10 / 10×30 / 20×20 / 30×30 / 25×50 / 50×50 / 30×60 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 120×250 cm
Mosaic dots 2,3×2,3 cm – 4,8×4,8 cm

Also available in matte finish

Other sizes or extra processing like holes, cuts or tempered/toughened glass: available on quotation

Vetrocolor: Elevating Interiors with Glass Tiles

Vetrocolor is the company that allows you to discover the beauty and exclusivity of glass and the countless possibilities for contemporary design for wall and floor tiles made from this precious material.

Vetrocolor’s collections of glass cladding capture light uniquely, adding depth and brilliance to any space. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures, Vetrocolor offers creative solutions to satisfy every taste and style.

Whether you are designing a minimalist space or a bolder, more vibrant environment, Vetrocolor claddings will transform your vision into reality.