Crystal. Home and Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles, shower panels, countertop sinks… and more!
Thanks to its transparency, the extraordinary Crystal collection by Vetrocolor is perfect for the bathroom environment but can be successfully incorporated into any area of the home, whether for a complete wall or to highlight specific sections.

Crystal offers vibrant tiles in a range of vibrant colors, including green, blue, red, and yellow. They have a slightly irregular surface, which, combined with their transparency, adds a touch of originality and charm.
On the surface of the Crystal tiles, small bubbles and waves emerge, creating ever-changing and unique patterns. This variety in texture gives the tiles a dynamic and artistic appearance.

Custom sizes for tiles and slabs can be requested to adapt to the specific needs of the project. Additionally, the Crystal collection lends itself to special processing upon customer request, such as creating holes or custom shapes.
The Crystal collection is the perfect option for those seeking a mix of vibrant color and personalized design in their space.

Technical Features

straight edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
Custom made, up to a maximum of 120×250 cm

Other sizes or extra processing like holes, cuts or tempered/toughened glass on quotation

Vetrocolor: Glass Tiles for Bathroom and Home

Timeless elegance, the true essence of Italian glassmaking; this is Vetrocolor. A company whose roots delve into the heart of Tuscany and its history.

Vetrocolor has always specialized in bathroom tiles and home tiles in general, crafted through the exploration of aesthetic possibilities of glass. It embodies traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.
Each piece is crafted with care and precision, ensuring lasting beauty and recreating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.
Whether you are designing a modern space or a more classic ambiance, Vetrocolor offers tailor-made solutions to transform your spaces into works of art.