Precious and Riace. Copper and golden tiles to embellish environments.

We present you with our golden tiles, unique pieces with the power to transform a room into a fascinating space with a golden, intangible, precious light…
The same light that made famous worldwide the Monreale Cathedral, with its stories made of golden images.

The gold and bronze tiles from the Preziosi and Riace collections are available in a wide variety of shapes: tiles can be square, rectangular, diamond-shaped, hexagonal, triangular, and more, to adapt to every designer’s choice.
They come together to cover floors and walls with a unique, highly glossy effect, which comes in the colors of the most precious metals.

Extremely precious and elegant finishes for flooring, coverings, and shower slabs. In the same finishes as the collection, sinks and heating fixtures are also available: a new way to conceive interior coverings.

Technical Features

round, slightly irregular edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
5×5 / 5×20 / 5×30 / 10×10 / 10×30 / 20×20 / 30×30 / 25×50 / 50×50 / 30×60 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 120×250 cm
Mosaic dots 4,8×4,8 cm

Vetrocolor: the charm of glass

Vetrocolor is a unique company. It has established itself as a reference point thanks to meticulous research that has allowed the expansion and innovation of glass applications, transforming it into a precious and fascinating material.
Vetrocolor products stand out for their vibrant colors, exquisite quality, and unique finishes, offering distinctive and high-quality design solutions for floors and walls – just like the Preziosi and Riace collections, with their fantastic golden tiles.
With a forward-thinking vision, the company continues to draw inspiration from the glassmaking tradition of the region, while also keeping a close eye on new trends and market demands.
The company is available for information, free quotes, or to provide assistance on how to best incorporate its extraordinary glass coverings to enhance your furnishing projects.