Decori. Decor tiles made in glass, with refined patterns

Decori by Vetrocolor is a collection that features glass decor tiles in large rectangular format, designed to create an extraordinary visual impact. There are two distinct decorative motifs available, both of which stand out from the tile background due to strong chromatic contrast.

Fiori Decoration:

Stylishly stylized, the Fiori motif reproduces leaves, vines, and flowers with a style reminiscent of ancient brocade or Art Deco.
The tiles are available with both white and black backgrounds, offering various design options. The result? Iconic decorative tiles in design yet lightweight and playful.
The Fiori motif is available in all shades of the Coriandoli finishes, ensuring a variety of color choices to adapt to different aesthetics and decorating styles.

Zebra Decoration:

A classic zebra motif designed to create a bold visual impact.
The Zebra decoration is available on both white and black backgrounds, while the design can be executed in all shades of the Coriandoli finishes. The result is great versatility in application and the ability to create very different yet extremely trendy atmospheres.

Decor tiles from the Decori collection transform spaces into unique settings and allow for projects that reflect the personality and style of the designer and the occupants of the spaces.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Size: 30,5×61 cm

Fiori and Zebra decors, both on white and black background, are available in all colors of Coriandoli finish

Vetrocolor: Glass coverings to decorate and furnish

Glass: not just a material, but an emotion that translates into beauty, elegance, and a sense of refined preciousness. Vetrocolor is a company that looks to the future with an innovative and sustainable vision, never forgetting its artisanal roots and passion for glass.

The Vetrocolor collections offer an infinite combination of colors, textures, and finishes, capable of adapting to every style and meeting the most diverse needs. From classic glass tiles to innovative large slabs, Vetrocolor allows for personalized spaces imbued with unparalleled elegance.

Choosing Vetrocolor means giving the spaces we inhabit a precious soul, made of light, harmony, and sophistication. An emotion that translates into beauty, elegance, and a sense of refined preciousness.