Apollo and High-tech. Trendy and precious tiles

Exclusive, precious tiles that draw inspiration from the most valuable metals in color but enrich them with veins and effects to achieve visually striking contemporary results. This is the secret of the glass tiles from the Apollo and High-tech collections: silver, gold, bronze are reinterpreted. The smooth surface is enlivened by the play of color, more or less dense, animating walls and floors with lines and shadows.

Resulting from skilled artisanal processes, these precious tiles are available in many different shapes to multiply the effects that can be achieved. Square, rectangular, diamond-shaped, hexagonal, triangular tiles can be requested.

An elegance that sets trends, applicable to flooring, wall coverings, shower slabs, washbasins, and heated towel rails. A refined and innovative way of conceiving coverings, ensuring a luxurious environment distinguished by its brightness and sophistication, ideal for the most exclusive contemporary spaces.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
5×5 / 5×20 / 5×30 / 10×10 / 10×30 / 20×20 / 30×30 / 25×50 / 50×50 / 30×60 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 130X245 cm
Mosaic dots 2,3×2,3 cm – 4,8×4,8 cm

Vetrocolor: glass at its most precious

The refined tiles from the Apollo and High-tech collections, like all Vetrocolor productions, are excellent products resulting from meticulous research aimed at enhancing all the possibilities of this wonderful material: glass.

In the world of contemporary interior design, glass tiles are a growing trend thanks to the exceptional visual effects they allow to achieve. Precious tiles that guarantee unparalleled brightness to spaces and allow for a wide variety of effects depending on the chosen colors and textures.

In this field, Vetrocolor is a highly specialized company capable of providing excellent products, combining artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary taste.