Complementi. Glass Basins and Surprising Mirrors

Vetrocolor always provides the perfect solution to complement environments furnished with the captivating tiles from its collections: glass basins and mirrors that echo the patterns and colors of the various proposals in their frames allow for combinations that enhance the design of every room in the house.

The Corolla basins are glass countertop basins characterized by simple shapes that also offer a wide selection of colors and effects. They can feature regular or slightly irregular edges and surfaces, offering further customization. The range spans from transparent basins to solid-colored ones, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences.

The Corolla series also includes glass basins that replicate the special effects found in the tiles of the Preziosi, Riace, Apollo, and Hi-Tech collections, as well as the simplicity of the Trasparenze, Coriandoli, and Crystal collections. Such a wide choice allows for strong stylistic coherence in bathroom furnishings.

Among the Complements, we also find precious mirrors enriched by the wonderful glass frames that reproduce the effects of the various Vetrocolor collections. The mirrors are named after the shape of the glass frames: Corallo, Ametista, Onice, and Giada. Suitable for every room in the house, they are extremely decorative and can be used both on their own and in combination with the room’s coverings.

Technical Features

Sizes and details of the items are available in the Technical Area of this website.

Vetrocolor: Coverings, Basins, Extra Accents of Extraordinary Beauty

For over fifty years, Vetrocolor has been committed to preserving and promoting the ancient tradition and art of glass in Italy. Starting as a modest artisan workshop, the company has progressively expanded to become a specialized reference for the production and sale of glass coverings.
This evolution has been made possible mainly by two factors: a production structure that combines machinery and craftsmanship and the great ability to follow (and sometimes anticipate) contemporary design trends.

Just flipping through the catalog, you can find an extraordinary range of possibilities for coverings of astonishing beauty and contemporaneity. Over time, the offering has expanded to include furnishing complements that contribute to the creation of harmonious environments, such as mirrors, Caldovetro heated towel racks, and basins.

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