Fluid. Glass flooring and sky-effect coverings

How can you truly bring the sky into a room? A glass flooring or wall covering from the Fluid collection by Vetrocolor may be all you need.

Just take a look at these fantastic coverings: beneath a layer of smooth and shiny glass, soft clouds of color move, creating a suggestive effect. The final result evokes the natural movement of fluids, such as seawater or indeed a cloud…
As for colors, we’ve chosen neutral tones: grays, shades of beige. These harmonize seamlessly with the glass’s shine, giving the spaces a contemporary and refined appearance.

These exceptional glass floor tiles and coverings for every room in the house offer the possibility of creating customized and sophisticated projects, of great originality.

The tiles are available in many standard sizes or made to measure; in the same finishes, glass sinks and heating elements are also available. All this allows great flexibility in design and makes Fluid a winning choice for glass flooring and walls in your most prestigious projects.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
10×30 / 15×60 / 30×60 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 106×239 cm

Vetrocolor: the Wonder of Glass Floors and Wall Coverings

Incredibly brilliant, capable of characterizing a space, making it unique and unforgettable: this is the effect of a glass floor, or walls, or specific corners of the house covered with this exclusive material.

Vetrocolor is the company that has specialized in glass coverings with exceptional effects, offering a range of tiles that cover a wide variety of visual effects, colors, patterns, from the most precious and exclusive to those that can be inserted in different contexts.

The wonderful effects of the Fluid collection are just one of the possibilities: the catalog is extensive, and the staff of Vetrocolor is at your disposal to help you find the right solution for your furnishing projects, whether they are private homes or commercial spaces.