Pompei. A luxury flooring that evokes ancient splendors

The sophisticated Pompei tiles are ideal for creating luxury flooring with exceptional effects, celebrating ancient Pompeian wall frescoes with their colors and nuances.

The vibrant and shifting tones, enriched with silvery reflections, confer a unique charm. Precious streaks with silvery gleams create a luminous and fascinating surface, perfectly recreating the allure of ancient Roman art, accentuating the antiqued effect of the texture.

The glass tiles and slabs from the Pompei collection are perfect for any environment: they can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or to create luxury flooring in a living room… The tiles are available in many different sizes and shapes, giving interior architects the utmost freedom in design.

In addition to the tiles, the Pompei collection offers countertop washbasins that harmoniously complement the bathroom design, or mirrors with sumptuous frames. A testament to ancient craftsmanship, Pompeii is an ode to art and beauty, transforming every room of the house into an authentic masterpiece, capturing the essence of Pompeian art and history.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
10×10 / 10×30 / 20×20 / 30×30 / 25×50 / 50×50 / 30×60 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 120×250 cm
Mosaic dots 2,3×2,3 cm – 4,8×4,8 cm

Other sizes or extra processing like holes, cuts or tempered/toughened glass on quotation

Vetrocolor: glass, between past and present

The Pompei collection aptly represents the soul of Vetrocolor, a company that has made luxury coverings and flooring its mission and strength.

Suspended between past and present, Vetrocolor tiles tell of the ancient art of glass, of the passion for a craft product that today lends itself to being the great protagonist of diverse environments. Indeed, the precious Vetrocolor coverings tastefully enrich halls, reception areas, as well as the various rooms of private residences.