Dune. Luxury tiles inspired by nature

The exceptional movement effect created by the wind blowing over the desert dunes finds its way into your home thanks to the luxury tiles of the Dune collection.

Among the latest additions from Vetrocolor, Dune offers glass tiles with a smooth surface, the result of a special manufacturing process that creates unique visual effects, stemming from extensive research on the technical possibilities of glass. Walls and floors take on the appearance of a vast sandy expanse moved by the wind.

To enhance the feeling of naturalness, we have chosen extremely delicate colors: shades of gray and blue reminiscent of clouds and sea; earthy tones and sandy hues; greens and pinks of exceptional softness. Walls clad in these tiles offer a cozy atmosphere; the visual effect is enriched by the glossiness of the glass, contributing to creating a suggestive three-dimensionality beneath the smooth surface of the tiles.

The artisanal production process underlying the Dune collection gives the surfaces an exclusive and original effect, ensuring a pleasant variation in the finish. Each tile is thus a unique masterpiece, characterized by delicate color gradients that are always different, yet capable of coming together to create a continuous effect.

Technical Features

straight, bevelled, calibrated edges
nominal thickness: 8mm
Standard Sizes (cm):
30×30 / 60×60
Also custom made, up to a maximum of 106×239 cm

Vetrocolor: sand, wind, color...

Glass originates, anciently, from sand. Vetrocolor, however, was born in 1980 as the heir to an ancient local tradition.
The company’s continuous stylistic research leads to the production of luxury glass tiles that, across various collections, explore all the technical possibilities of this extraordinary material, so ancient yet so contemporary.

Vetrocolor is based in Tuscany, in Colle Val D’Elsa; even today, its products have a strong artisanal component, necessary to achieve the many artistic effects of its tiles, planks, and glass slabs designed to furnish dream environments.

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