Bamboo. Handcrafted Strips for Precious Coverings

The Bamboo collection by Vetrocolor features handcrafted strips, characterized by a width of approximately 2 cm and a length of about one meter. These strips are available in various finishes, including Trasparenze, Preziosi, Riace, and Brillanti, and are ideal for stunning, precious flooring and wall coverings.

Thanks to their versatility, Bamboo strips can be used in various ways. They can complement other collections, allowing for the creation of frames and unique contrast effects. The possibility of combining them with different finishes from other collections offers endless customization options for interior design.

They can be used as an original and elegant solution to cover curved surfaces, such as the structure of a bar counter.

Alternatively, Bamboo strips can be used independently, creating entire walls or sections of walls with long alternating strips. This arrangement offers the opportunity to play with similar color tones or create distinctive chromatic effects.

The handcrafted texture of the strips adds a touch of craftsmanship and originality to spaces, helping to create unique and captivating environments. The Bamboo collection by Vetrocolor is the ideal choice for those seeking a flexible and creative cladding solution.

Technical Features

Hand-crafted strips, two versions available:

  • round edges, size: 2×99,8 cm
  • straight edges, size: 1,7×99,8 cm

nominal thickness: 8mm
Made in these finishes: Trasparenze, Preziosi, Riace and Brillanti

Who is Vetrocolor, Artists of Glass Coverings

Vetrocolor is not just a company but an expression of the Art of Glass. For over fifty years, we have transformed glass into precious coverings that bring unique and evocative spaces to life.

Every creation by Vetrocolor is a work of art, born from a genuine passion for glass and an incessant quest for perfection.

Our collections offer an infinite number of combinations of colors, textures, and finishes, capable of adapting to every style and meeting the most diverse needs. From classic glass tiles to innovative large slabs, Vetrocolor allows for the creation of customized environments, permeated by unparalleled elegance.

Furthermore, the company is constantly committed to researching and developing new sustainable technologies and solutions for a future focused on environmental respect and planet preservation.

Choosing Vetrocolor means giving the spaces we inhabit a precious soul, made of light, harmony, and sophistication. An emotion that translates into beauty, elegance, and a sense of refined preciousness.