Pattern. A Precious and Original Decor Flooring

Pattern compositions represent a unique opportunity to create a wide range fo decor flooring with exceptional visual impact, precious and original. Pattern offers the possibility to play with the distinctive features of the Dune, Hi-Tech, Pompei, Fluid, Brillanti, Coriandoli, Trasparenze, Apollo, and Riace collections, combining them at will to create mosaics with extraordinary effects.

Starting from these collections, all characterized by distinctive textures and color ranges, it is possible to create tiles perfect for decor flooring and walls with unique interlocking and compositions. The tiles in the Pattern series are, for example, diamonds or irregular elements, perfect for creating even very complex geometric compositions. The design flexibility allows mixing and matching the different collections to achieve fascinating and personalized results.

The use of colors is free: you can choose tone-on-tone, or use contrasting colors to add dynamism and depth to the decorative floors. The possibility of combining tiles from different collections, but compatible in terms of surfaces and effects, offers infinite creative opportunities. Pattern thus offers the freedom to explore new frontiers of design, allowing for the creation of unique and personalized environments that reflect the style and creativity of the designer.

Technical Features

Made in these finishes: Dune / Hi Tech / Pompei / Fluid / Brillanti / Coriandoli / Trasparenze / Apollo / Riace.

Vetrocolor: Glass Applied to Contemporary Design

Vetrocolor is the place where glass artistry and passion for contemporary design come together to create interior coverings of exceptional beauty and quality. With extensive experience in the industry, the company embodies Italian artisanal excellence, carrying on a tradition of innovation and refined design.

The many collections of glass tiles and coverings, like decor flooring, the result of years of research and refinement, all unique, offer a wide range of solutions for every project and environment. From classic lines to contemporary creativity, Vetrocolor is committed to meeting the most demanding design needs.

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